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I specialize in rare and unique properties, especially national resource protection areas, which this parcel bounds on its southern perimeter. You can enjoy building your dream home getaway in this beautiful secluded area and surrounded by nature and thousands of acres in gorgeous open space.

This unique five acre tract is situated on the midline of section 25 in Collier County. It is special and one of a kind in that it borders on over 6000 acres of land that can never be developed and was a TDR (Transfer of Development Rights) set aside. The southern 330 ft boundary of the tract borders on this large area, which is home to a diverse array of native plants and Florida wildlife. An ancient strand of laurel oaks (Quercus laurifolia) cuts diagonally across the property.

An endless opportunity for exploration awaits the owner of this lovely property. The vast area of Southern Golden Gates, exceeding 41,000 acres, which was purchased back by the state of Florida under the Conservation and Recreation Lands act (CARL) is accessible through tunnels running below I-75. To learn more about this see https://www.colliercountyfl.gov/Home/ShowDocument?id=74810.

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